NLE Results December 2010: May Not Be as Exciting as It Was

Anybody in the Philippines knows how difficult it is to procure enough money just to send a student to college. However, this kind of privilege is esteemed in the many regions of the country that is why parents fight teeth and nails just to be able to send their children to a university or even to a local college. All of them have hopes that it is through this way that they could give their children, and also their own families, a better future.

That is why it is not surprising anymore that when more established and industrialized countries started to look for manpower support coming from nurses from other countries, the enrollment rate for nursing surged. This was the scenario around ten years ago or so. However, for those who had been fortunate enough to pass in the NLE board exam results December 2010, their future may not be as bright as it had been for passers of the same exam years and years ago.

The signs were already starting to appear, but still everybody was confident that the demand for nurses would not go down. In fact, officials of the country were saying that the job will still continue to need more people even after ten years.

However, with more and more nurses, both registered and not, having to sought for employment elsewhere, jobs that are not even close to relevant to their course like telemarketers in call centers, there is no doubt that indeed PRC nursing board exam results December 2010 and in the coming years will not be as relevant as it was before when the nursing profession abroad was still in bloom.

What makes this more depressing is the fact that there are so many nursing graduates and professionals out there who had to pay just to be able to render services in hospitals. If people start to pay establishments just to be able to find work, then there is really something wrong with the system.

Indeed, if you do want to get a decent paying job while you are still buying some time before you could go abroad and work, you have to work extra hard. Being fortunate to be one of the passers in the Nursing Board exam result December 2010 is not anymore a guarantee that you can have a better future. Sad as it may seem, it has become the truth nowadays.


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