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If most of you are familiar with Foursquare or Gowalla then there's an alternative for those who are homebodies and preferred to spend your day at home then GetGlue is for you.

GetGlue is a unique social networking website that helps users discover their next favorite film, book, or other form of entertainment. The site works much like StumbleUpon, only with an entertainment focus. Users can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to suggestions made by GetGlue. This helps determine what other items are presented. The site also monitors what the user’s friends are watching or reading and factors that information in as well. Users can earn status on the site through stickers. Stickers are essentially badges or achievements the user can earn. Some are easy to get based on the user’s activities while others are a little more obscure. Some require the user to log in on certain days at a certain time. The user can build their reputation through stickers and show friends what they like while discovering new entertainment media that may be their next favorite.

You can check-in into your favorite entertainment either on the website itself or via mobile applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad or Android based device. 

You can also subscribe to my GetGlue profile and check out some of my favorite movies, games, TV shows and recording artists and albums.  


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