I am Cesar Noel: Another blogging project

I have been playing around with my free webhosting account since I don't want it to go to waste so I created a subdomain name and installed Wordpress and whalla! I am Cesar Noel is born. The blog may borderline as a personal blog but the niche is all about my work as a IT professional in an outsourcing environment. This blog will also "demystify" the common man on how the outsourcing works as well as the tools of the trade if you plan to engage in a outsourcing business or you want to become part of an outsourcing industry either as a an individual (freelancer) as a part of an outsourcing firm or company.

I would like also to remove the stereotype that when you talk about outsourcing is not all about "call centers" or BPO (Business Process Outsource). Outsourcing services also include web designing, web development, search engine marketing/optimization and virtual assistance aside from the usual "customer service"-oriented servives like call centers.


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