Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur

If you are planning to go to Surigao for your next vacation, make sure you do not let the opportunity to visit Tinuy-an Falls pass. Accessibility wise, it is just an hour ride away from the center of Bislig City.

Considered to be the widest among the falls in the Philippines at 95 feet, the falls are nicknamed as the Niagara Falls of the country because they look like a miniature replica of the North American pride. However, instead of violent water gush, Tinuy- an falls is much calmer. In fact, you could enjoy a relaxing waterfall massage with one bamboo boat ride near the falls.

The Tinuy an falls, as what most people do not know, are actually four cascading falls. However, from a distance, tourists could only see the three falls as the most obvious with the fourth made conspicuous by distance and the forest. This is the reason why the place is very ideal for bathing. Foreigners and the locals alike are drawn for a plunge into its cool waters. Most visitors usually recommend the second level falls as the most perfect place for swimming. Aside from this, the waterfall area is also abundant with all the gifts of nature as the place is also home to a lot of exotic wildlife. 

If you are from Davao City maybe you could drop by at Enchanted River at Hinatuan Surigao Del Sur and witness the extra ordinary beauty of nature.


Kath said...

Do you know how far it is from Tinuy-an to Surigao? And what time is first trip of bus/van going to Surigao?

Unknown said...

Surigao del Sur’s Bislig City is 158 km south of Butuan, 152 km south of Tandag City and 208 km northeast of Davao City. It may be reached via a 6-hour bus ride from Davao or a 5-hour bus ride from Butuan.

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