Audiobooks: My latest fictional books tool.

I have been reading fictional books (technically e-books in my iPod) for several months now and I really getting a hang of it. Adding my recent discovery of good audiobook version of my said e-books has increased my interests on reading fictional books more. Several audiobook series that I really follow are Jim Butcher's Dresden Files which is narrated by former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star James Marsters (aka Spike),  Richelle Mead's  Georgina Kincaid paranormal romance series (which is narrated by Elisabeth Rodger) and my latest favorite, Jennifer Estep's Elemantal Assasin Series (which is narrated by Lauren Fortgang *I love the way she narrates with the sexy southern accent).

Although not all audiobook versions of my favorite books are great and somewhat have a "hit or miss" thing. Some of of the audiobook has different narrators on each series which for me is a not a good thing as it breaks the vibe of the series. 


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