Lessons Learn From the Leaked Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Scandal

The Internet is a very a nice tool that we use to get information and to interact with other people.  Unfortunately though it can be a detrimental to an individual if that person is not careful. The latest news about the Jennifer Lawrence,  Kate Upton,  et al. nude photos that were leaked online through hacked iCloud accounts only shows that online privacy is not what it seems. 

As a person who has worked in the Information Technology industry, the only REAL online security is NOT to take the photos and videos at all. 

So to everyone who already took racy photos or videos of themselves or with your significant others,  you should start making efforts on moving your materials into a more offline AND secure storage.  For those who thinking of doing it for the first time,  I suggest you don't. If you think your mobile devices are secured you might want to think again and ask yourself "Is it worth the risk?"
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