Ingress: Arguably The Best Augmented Reality Game Every Created

Ingress is an augmented reality, massive multiplayer online, GPS online game that created by Niantic Labs, a startup within Google. The game originally can be played only on Android devices but has recently been ported to Apple's iOS devices.

The gameplay consists of establishing "portals" at places with religious and geographic landmarks, great architectural works, etc, and linking them to produce a virtual triangular fields over geographic areas. Progress in the game is measured by the number of "mind units" (MUs).

The game consists of two factions, the Enlightened (which is represented by the color green ) and the Resistance (which is represented by the color blue).

To my fellow bloggers who are either travel bloggers or frequently travel to various places, this kind of game would suit your lifestyle.

Resistance players working on a "Op" 
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