Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins the Academy Best Actor Award

It's the Oscars awards and biggest news of all: Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in The Revenant.  

Waze App gets a celebrity Navigator Voice

If you are using the Waze app to avoid traffic, you will be surprise to know that the app developers has recently added the voice of renowned actor Morgan Freeman's voice as one of the app's navigator voice.  Just imagine this voice over while navigating to work or to any destination. Personally it gives me the chills. I would hope they would add Sean Connery as the next celebrity to do the navigation voice. 

SuperBowl XL: A Match-Up Of Two Top Draft Picks

The 50th installment of SuperBowl would be a match up between two of the league's top draft picks yet have different paths to success. It would be a battle of Quarterbacks with distinct style of plays. Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning has epitome of old school quarterback play to go along with his legendary football intelligence. In contrast, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, who is also potential league MVP, has lead his team to a impressive 15-1 record behind his playmaking skills as both a passer and a runner.   

Despite the contrast in quarterback plays, both teams basically have the same philosophy as teams both run the ball to set up the pass and both teams play have very tough defense to compliment their respective offenses.

This game is possibly Peyton Manning's final game as he hopes to end his career on top and capture his second Superbowl title since winning one for the Indianapolis Colts. For Cam Newton, it's about becoming the new face of the league and to lead his team to the very first SuperBowl title in franchise history.

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