Garapitik: Ang Gagambang May Pitik

Here's a nice multimedia website which has a Pinoy-flavored spoof of the Spider-Man movie. It's call Garapitik: Ang Gagambang May Pitik (The spider without sense).

It's very hilarious. Check it out

Thanks to Anderw Dela Serna for twitting about this.


Princess Cinderella said...

ya...nice post..karon lang ko kabalo nah naa d i "garapitik" kung wala ka nag post dili naku mahibal-an...hehehe...mwah oist himua tung award tag naku ha...sige

jerking said...

"It's very hilarious. Check it out"

Thanks. I created this comic for fun. I have other volumes actually and planning to upload them. I hope I could :-)

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