Labor Day Blog

Today is Labor day and since our beloved Philippine president didn't move it to Friday we have no work. So I spent most my day bonding with my daughter although I went to the Gym by 10AM. In the afternoon my would like to visit the Pink Sister in Catalunan Grande to offer some prayers so that my brother and his family would be assigned here in Philippines. It's been 20+ years since we seen each other.

After visiting the Pink Sister, we then proceed to Pico Bello at the 5th floor of Gaisano South Mall. We ordered 3 different flavors of Italian Style Pizza because my brother and my sister-in-law has been raving how delicious the pizzas in Pico Bello. When the pizza where served, I excited got one slice of Pizza Hawaii. It was delicious, the taste of an Italian thin-crust pizza can be tasted from just the first bite. I was amazed that I was able to eat the whole tray :D. Sira na naman workout ko nito hehehe pero babawi ako next week(It ruined my workout but I'll make it up next week).

Pictures of this event will be posted tomorrow.


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