The Reincarnation: The return of Archmage/Magewars

The Reincarnation

Massive Online games (MOG) has been on since late 1990's which includes famous games like Utopia and Dominion. But in 2004 here's one MOG that has been raving at the time and that was Archmage Wars or Mage Wars in short. Magewar has been a one of the tip MOG games and it was frequently played because the game is faster than Utopia and Dominion and if you are in the card game, MAGIC:THE GATHERING, Magewars was like the online version of it.

Around 2006, the developers of Magewars has some problems maintaining the game due to lack of funding, a lot of player where disappointed of the outcome but after about two years of inactivity, Magewars has returned with the new name "The Reincarnation". Developers has reincarnated Archmages with a new stable server and new features that would make past and present player wanna play this game more.

As of late, they recently added a wiki section to help new player understand the game better.


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