Sunday Afternoon Blog: At Kasagingan with My Family

I haven't been to Kasagingan since last March because I have been too busy at home. So my wife and I (with my baby daughter) decided to visit the place after shopping at SM.

The place was almost full (as expected because a lot of yuppies hangout at Kasagingan on weekends) when we arrive. Good thing there was a vacant spot with nearby power outlet since my laptop is running low on it batteries.

After settling in on our area and powering my laptop and connecting to the internet thru their free Wi-Fi service, my wife ordered Tiramisu , and I ordered Crema de Cardia and Coke Lite. Since I have committed on getting in shape, I told my wife that this would be only my last occasion on consuming sweets(grinning at her).

For those who wanna check out the place, Kasagingan can be found at F. Torres St., Davao City just beside Banoks and fronting Kibuwi.


Princess Cinderella said...

hello ya...heheeh ka cute nila duha ya oi....oist paki inagon imo wife ya "happy mother's day" ha, gusto ko mukaon diha bah..hmmm e treat naku sila mama bah, next time...ya thank you sa header ha as in...ganahan ko..mwah..ingats god bless you always...=)

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