Sunday Afternoon Blogs: Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I would like to say "Happy Mother's Day!" to all the mothers out there. Since today is mother's Day, we treated our mother lunch at Roadhouse Cafe at SM City Mall after our usually weekend grocery.

The place was packed as usual because this resto is famous for their baby back ribs and sizzling pochero. However, since I'm trying to get myself in shape, I ordered Chicken Teriyaki. I've also came across some of my high school batchmates.

Chicken Teriyaki

After the meal, I took the picture of my wife and baby together with my mom.


Princess Cinderella said...

wow mothers day celebration ha, your a good husband talaga..saludo naku.....ang sarap nang food, hinay hinay lang ang diet ya remember?hehehe...agi lang ko sleepy gyud ko now...mwah

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