Blog Hopping at "The Kasagingan"

The Kasagingan is a Coffee and Banana Shop which is also a WiFi hotspot. A perfect place to do some relaxing after work. The name Kasagingan name was coined by the owner because most of their specialty are variations of banana treats like "chocolate-glazed banana" and more.

My main purpose at the time was to do some updated on my laptop's system files (antivirus and other more utilities). While waiting for the updates to finish, I did some blog hopping (I thank my co-worker Aice for this idea). I started my hopping on some of Aice's blog roll. Continue on 'til my updates where finished. Another great experience shared...til the next post. :D


Aice Nice Concepts said...

your welcome ^_^
madami naman din ikaw na share na knowledge sa akin

kaya share share nalang gud ta ^_^

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